When I retired from teaching a few years ago my goal was to set up a studio, paint till my hearts content and explore new techniques and processes to incorporate into my artwork. I didn’t take me long to realize that I missed teaching. There is a special relationship that develops between a student and a teacher. Often times during the class, students and teachers switch roles, with both coming away with new knowledge, experiences and insight all while having fun.

When I started my in-person classes my over arching goal was to provide an environment that everyone could have fun, learn something new and complete a project in the process. A win-win for everyone. With limits on class sizes in place I am moving online. This new direction has led to the creation of Suzzanna Frank Art... an online art school.

"Want to have fun while learning a new technique...this class is for you."

Plastered Journal

Personalized your Journal. Bonus Project in the Plastering Your Artwork Class.

In Studio Classes

Gallery/ Studio 606

1310 Pendleton Street

Cincinnati,Ohio 45202

Plastering Your Artwork

Create your unique plaster background. Then add a free domain image or paint your own.

Hi, I’m Suzzanna

Some of you may know that my approach to my art making is technique and process driven. I love to explore new techniques and processes that will add to and improve my artwork. Curiosity and experimentation has taken me down that path many times. Exploring the beauty of old frescos and murals in the old palaces and Roman ruins in Italy became a driving goal. I loved the look of old, aged, chipped and cracked walls. This goal, of adding texture and interest to my artwork is what has led to the process of adding plaster to my paintings.

This is why it's so exciting to share my processes with you in Plastering Your Artwork. The content of the course is very generous with step-by-step videos, pdf downloads, and printables. The course is structured in a way that each module builds upon the previous one. 

Come join me on this next fabulous adventure of Plastering Your Artwork!

So excited to do this with you.